About the art

Personal experiences, world events, and faith inform my work and inspire art that speaks of life and the experiences that give life substance.  Exploring concepts of love and relationship through the figure, vibrant color and expressive brush, my paintings are whispered stories of faith in the midst of life and love.   --- Kathy  Ammon


Songs for the people- 2011/2012 -  this series is inspired from  lyrics and scripture that resonated with me during the creative  process of journaling and painting.  I offer up moments of reflection through  inspirational song and words for the journey. This is an ongoing series of exploration on small and large canvas,  and wood panels.


Small Works  on Wood-Revelations of the Heart - 2010- translating experiences of the faithful, moments of transformation and grace with revelations of hope. A series of intimate paintings on small 10" x 8" birch panel. (see portfolio)

PRINTS (Giclee Archival) available from 'Revelations of the Heart' series.